About Us

Founded in 2009 and operating at https://familyskier.com since 2015, Family Skier is focused on bringing useful and unique information to families who are pursuing the great skiing or snowboarding hobby.  All content is original, and our founders and authors average more than 30 years of skiing experience at mountains and hills across the world.  We realized that while there is plenty of general skiing information available online, there was a need for much better child-and-family-oriented skiing content.

Our team has skied in 14 states, 5 countries, and more ski areas and resorts than we can count…… And we have done it all with smiles on our faces!

Our writers are primarily based on Montana, Colorado, and Minnesota.  Our “home base” is the great Bozeman / Big Sky area of Montana.

Family Skier has been featured as a trusted resource by many ski clubs, ski areas, and in several large media outlets.  Feedspot ranked us as one of the Top Ski Websites on the web.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions about our work, or suggestions for content.  Contact us at:

Email:  info@familyskier.com

We are always happy to hear from readers, skiers, parents, top-notch writers, or potential partners.

On occasion, we may provide an affiliate deal link or ad in an effort to help support the work we are doing.  Note that each year, a material portion of any revenue generated from Family Skier is given back to nonprofit organizations focused on helping families and/or children enjoy the outdoors.  Recent organizations supported include a nonprofit focusing on protecting the great canoeing, skiing, and hiking area in the Arrowhead region of Minnesota, a group who provides hiking and snowshoe trail maintenance in the Lake Tahoe area, and an organization who makes it possible for urban youth to explore beautiful outdoor places in Colorado and Minnesota.