Best Ski Goggles

When you’re in the market for a brand new pair of ski goggles, you have to look for the most appropriate and reliable models available in your price range, no matter your experience level. There are a bunch of awesome options out there, so we’ve provided you a buying guide and a list of goggles below that will help you select googles that meet the the best standards you are looking for.

The goggles reviewed here are adult ski goggles.  If you are looking for kids goggles, we did an entire piece on that, here.

Ski Goggles Buying Guide

As a rule of thumb, look for top-notch materials. A goggles’ flexibility hints to great manufacturing quality, so keep this in mind when you’re shopping. Great ski goggles will feature a through ventilation system, will allow you to change out lenses for best results in different weather conditions and, last but not least, will provide a high level of comfort when worn. There are models with advanced lenses that don’t require changing because they automatically adapt to ambient light, so keep that in mind as an option when you are choosing your goggles.

Now, let’s talk more in-depth about some key elements of any great ski goggle.

Lenses: They must be as large as possible to guarantee excellent peripheral vision when skiing. Regarding shape, you can choose between cylindrical and spherical lenses. We recommend you to grab a pair of goggles with spherical lenses, as they allow better visibility, handle the sun’s rays more effectively, don’t distort what you see and are best where it comes to avoiding fogging up and steam issues due to superior ventilation.

Several lenses colors are available and they are not (only) a style consideration, but also play an important role in how much light they let pass through. VLT (Visible Light Transmission) is the light that passes through the lenses to the eye, and it’s expressed as a percentage of 0 to 100%. At night, it is recommended to wear goggles with almost or completely transparent lenses (untinted, 90-100% VLT) that will let the maximum amount of light pass through. Those yellow, pink, green, blue, orange lenses are great for cloudy days and have a higher VLT (60-90%). Dark tinted or reflective lenses (black, gray, gold) are meant to let the least light pass for use in extremely bright conditions, so they offer the lowest VLT (5-20%). There are also lenses with universal VLT (20%-60%) and they’re designed for days where the weather and light levels you expect to be skiing in will be unpredictable.

Anti-fog Properties: It is imperative that your ski goggles be resistant to fog or steam condensation that will reduce visibility. Condensation is formed due to temperature differences between cold outside air and body heat. Therefore, some models come with 2 layers of lenses and ventilation slots.

UV protection: Most skiing puts you right out there in the bright sunlight for hours.  The degree of protection against ultraviolet rays should be as high as 100%. Keep in mind that at higher altitudes, such as for mountain skiing, UV rays are strongest. If you are up there unprotected your eyesight can be affected.

Frame: In terms of size, you have a choice ranging from small to medium and even large frames. For kids, teens, and adults with a smaller face, you can also choose goggles with a slightly narrower frame that keeps peripheral vision unobstructed. Medium-sized models are recommended for all adult types and are often unisex, so they will fit men and women and women equally well. The biggest frames are made for people with large faces or for those who wear eyeglasses under their ski goggles.

With this guide in mind, you can start searching for your brand new pair of ski goggles. Below is a list of some of the best goggle available in various price ranges:

Uvex GGL 3 Pure

If you’re looking for an affordable pair of ski goggles, these are a very versatile product, suitable for both men and women. The Uvex GGL 3 Pure are high-quality goggles featuring shock-resistant lenses as well as both anti-scratch and anti-static treatments. They are 100% accurate from the optical point of view, thus won’t distort your vision. These goggles are of medium size, with an extended surface for ideal peripheral visibility. They fit any type of helmet.

These goggles are perfect for daytime winter sports during strong sunshine, as their lense flawlessly filters UVA, UVB and UVC rays, and provide full protection against visible sunlight and infrared. Plus, the dual spherical lenses and frame ventilation is effective in preventing them from fogging up. Uvex GGL 3 Pure is a reliable, lightweight model with a simple and classic design.

Scott LCG Compact

Scott LCG Compact goggles offer state-of-the-art technology, a compact and comfortable design and awesome functionality. They come with a plethora of features such as interchangeable lenses, 3 layers of foam, an anti-slip system (an elastic band with silicone inserts), SCOTT OptiView double spherical lenses, ACS Air Control System, noFog anti-scratch treated lenses, 100% UV protection, and extra lenses.  The “Compact” in the name means that these goggles are really made for those with smaller heads and faces.  Not kids, necessarily, but young adults or smaller-framed people.  The lens replace system is very easy-to-use and effective.

POC Lobes

These premium beauties feature some big, awesomely-shaped spherical lenses that flawlessly optimize your vision field and minimize optical distortion. They’re perfect for having an amazing time on the slopes and their colorful, modern design is undoubtedly on point, matching with each and every possible style. They have an ideal level of thickness that is cut to shape with computerized numerical control. For a wonderful look and effective protection, POC also added a thin cellulose propionate sheet to the goggles’ inside.  We have found these goggles to work great on low-light days, and the wide field of vision is a big bonus.  Plus, we have always been huge fans of the POC brand, especially when you combine one of their helmets with the goggles in the same system.

Uvex Hypersonic Pola HD

Hypersonic Pola HD is a high-performance accessory that ensures excellent visibility on the slopes. This model will protect your eyes and face from irritatingly bright sunshine. These goggles feature polarized lenses, extremely popular among athletes. As such from when wearing these you will avoid those disturbing reflections that can affect vision while preserving the natural contrast and colors. They have amazing shock resistance, are extremely durable, and feature both anti-scratch and anti-static treatments. The double layer balances the differences between temperature and moisture and significantly reduces the risk of fogging up. Uvex Hypersonic Pola HD offers maximum UVA, UVB and UVC protection which most users argue is essential in the case of goggles that are intended for use in the daytime when the sun and reflected light on the slopes and tracks is brightest. The product sports a simple, comfortable design, easy to adapt to any ski helmet and the rest of your equipment.